On completion of my studies at Royal College in 1981 and whilst waiting for my Advanced Level results, I tried my hands out in the Travel Trade and joined Hermes International, agents for Balkan Bulgarian Airlines.

Whilst in the travel field, I also continued my studies In Marketing CIM UK, which has helped me immensely throughout my career.
In 1984, I joined Thomas Cook Overseas Ltd, where I gained much experience, and after a spell of 7 years, I had the opportunity to work in the USA in the Travel trade too.

On my return to Sri Lanka, I came back to Thomas Cook Overseas where I re-joined as Branch Manager of the Fort office, this being their Head Office. Finally, in 2005 I ventured into Scenic Ventures!!!

I have an extended family of six Persian cats who are my best friends.

I love to travel overseas with my family and during my spare time, go fishing with my son and daughter.