Once known as Serendib, Sri Lanka still lives up to this name by being a  paradise island. Visitors are instantly embraced by the warmth of the country and swept away by the serenity Sri Lanka holidays provide. There are so many who return to the island’s warm shores to find rest and relaxation as they are pampered by the hospitable locals. Laze around on the beach sampling the freshest seafood or feast your eyes upon unparalleled scenic beauty as you sip a freshly brewed cup of Ceylon tea in the hill country.

Sri Lanka has so many experiences to offer and the bliss is that you can decide on the type of experience you want to experience. Time comes to a standstill as you absorb yourself in the country’s history, seaside, wildlife or trek through the green plains in the up country region. Find your blissful moment in Sri Lanka. Come visit Sri Lanka, the wonder of Asia.