Satisfying each and every tourist coming to the island, Sri Lanka is one of the best countries to visit for the year and has been improving their services and hotel lines. From the support and grants from other countries, such as China, Sri Lanka is being able to improve their transportation services and infrastructure. If you are an individual or a group planning to visit Sri Lanka, you can either select the mode of public transportation or private transportation. On public transport, you will able to use buses and trains. Additionally, in certain circumstances, you will be able to use seaplanes and boats at short distances. On private transportation, you are going to have a wide variety of choice from motorbikes to big vehicles of coasters and 4×4 vehicles. No matter what, do not lose your chance to visit the wonder of Asia.

Why choose a car rental in Sri Lanka for your vacations…

Being one of the best countries to visit, Sri Lanka has made many tourist happy throughout their stay. With the improvement of the infrastructure for the past few years, the country has improved from the hospitality side and the transportation industry too. Tourists have many reasons for selecting a wide range of car rentals.

1. Save money on a group

Most of the travellers prefer public transport instead of private transport. Which is good if you are planning on cutting the budget on your travel. However, there are certain benefits from a car rental that cannot be taken from other modes of transport. If you plan on going on a group you could split the amount among the members which will come as a small amount for an individual. A rent a car service will allow you to go to places that most of the public transport will not take you. Imagine paying the public transport and then getting down at a destination just to take private transport such as a taxi to get to your final destination. Why pay two modes of transportation when you can do everything at one time.

2. Car rental for comfort

Having a car rental with you throughout your vacation can be helpful. Usually, when people go on vacation, they tend to go for a long ride and have a break from their usual day to day life. So the journey should be more flexible than it should be. For this, having your own vehicle will be more flexible than going on a transport that has no flexible timing for you and will be having multiple stops on certain places before you arrive at your destination. Renting a car can be an ideal solution for many travellers since they have the luxury of taking breaks throughout the journey and be able to enjoy the drive with absolute comfort and silence.

3. For speed …

Road traffic in Sri Lanka

When visiting a certain location, especially abroad, there is only a limited time to visit and experience the destination, this is because most of the people tend to use public transport unknowingly the benefits of car rental. If you use a car rental, you will be able to plan and execute your plan perfectly if you have your own vehicle since there will be no unnecessary stops and a mode of transport is near your fingertips and ready always for you. A rent-a-car allows you to reduce your stress and enjoy more of stay at the destination.

Why choose Sri Lanka

After the civil war in the country, Sri Lanka had a chance of welcoming a lot of tourists from around the world has become one of the best destinations in the world. With a high turnover of tourist in the country, Sri Lank offers you many modes of transportation around the island.

You have the possibility of choosing a car rental, bike rental or even public transport.  When selecting your car rental, most of the agencies in Sri Lanka allow you self driving or a car with a driver. If you tend to take a self driver vehicle, you will be needing to obtain a temporary license from the motor traffic department in Sri Lanka or get your international license endorsed by motor traffic department in Sri Lanka.

Throughout the past years, the island’s infrastructure has increased and rules and regulations have become more strict than ever. With the increased infrastructure, the Island has its own expressway such as the southern expressway and Katunayake expressway. At the moment one of the main projects going on is the Kandy expressway, which will enrich the driving experience of yours in the island.

Tips for choosing a car rental in Sri Lanka…

Knowing certain tips about the country you are about to visit can help you with understanding and known how to play your cards perfectly. Below are certain points enlisted to make your understanding much better.

1. Check the terms and conditions

One of the main things to look into when renting a car is to look in the terms and conditions of the car rental. Certain car rental is very strict on the T&C and makes it impossible to enjoy the tour due to the restrictions. Before taking the car, make sure that you have a good look into the car of the conditions and if there are any dents. If any dents, inform the car rental then and there and don’t keep silent thinking that the car dealer knows about the scratches. Another fact to look into is the petrol level in the car, some of the car rentals pump a full tank expecting a full tank when returning the car.

2. Get your documentation right

Before driving the car get your documentation right and know which documents should be used at that location. First of all, if you are a tourist and planning to get a self-driven car, there are certain documentation you need to collect before. If you have an international license with you at the moment, you need to go to the Motor traffic department in Sri Lanka and get the license endorsed. If you do not have an international license, you need to collect a temporary license from the motor traffic department in Sri Lanka. After collecting the temporary license make sure you keep your passport at your site always since certain officers tend to check the passports to check if you backstory crosses. Another documentation to check when collecting the car is the vehicle’s revenue license and insurance. Check if the documentation to the car’s details if the revenues are valid and do not forget to look into the date of expiration too!

3. Vehicle User’s Manual

One useful tip will be to read the user’s manual if you get one for the vehicle. This will allow you to understand the vehicle much more efficiently and discover hidden features of your vehicle. Reading the user’s manual will allow you to understand the limitations of the vehicle too, on which roads are best for the vehicles and which environment.

4. Check Tyre Pressure

On the start of a day, make sure that you check the tyre pressure of your vehicle. Having a good tyre pressure can enable your vehicle to be stabilized and increase fuel efficiency. Make sure that you check the tyre pressure before the journey since heated tyres can expand air molecules.

5. Little Objects

Avoid having objects such as teddy bears and toys that can disturb your vision on the road no matter how much the item is nice or cute.

6. Checks before road

Always recommended to check the lubricant level of the vehicle before the journey and have a rough idea on the level. If by any chance the levels reduce, make sure that you check from the car rental what kind of fluid has been used and the brand so that you will not put unmatching brands and risk your journey.

7. Car Inspection

Before taking the car, make sure that you have a good look into the car of the conditions and if there are any dents. If any dents, inform the car rental then and there and don’t keep silent thinking that the car dealer knows about the scratches.

8. Beat the traffic

One way of beating the traffic is to not drive on peak hours on main streets. During such times, it’s best to visit a location, such as a museum, and spend the time looking at various things than wasting time on the road.

9. Check Whether you are Insured

Whether you are renting a normal car or a luxury car, one of the main things to look into when renting a car is checking the insurance. Like most countries, Sri Lanka has many modes of day insurance available however most of the cars are insured included with the passengers in the vehicle. Before taking over the car, make sure that you have the insurance documentation and make sure that the documents are not expired or out of date.

10. With driver or not

With the increase of tourists in the country, Sri Lanka has been able to give many solutions to visitors in transportation wise. Most of the car rentals in the island offer vehicles to tourists and they can have a choice of a driver or non-driver rides. However, having a driver with the vehicle can bring you some advantages, such as the driver will know better and 12. faster roads than you, and disadvantages too! Before booking the car rental in Sri Lanka, make sure that if you want a driver or not and make the call and check if the car rental can supply your recommendation.

11. Check the True cost of the Car rental

During your first call to the car rental, the person over the phone will try to sell you the service at low cost but be careful. Certain Car rental tends to give amazing offers however they turn out to be services including hidden charges. For Example, if you rent a car for 10 days and return the car on the 10th day exactly, certain car rentals tend to charge you higher. This is because the car rental marks the time you have taken the car if you had taken the car in the morning around 10 o’clock and return the car at 11 o’clock, that counts as another day for car rentals. SO be careful when renting a car and make sure you discuss every detail before choosing.

12. Getting Emergency contacts

When you are the Car rental location in Sri Lanka, make sure that you will be getting an emergency contact from the person handing over the vehicle to you. This can be helpful for you if anything happens on the road. Most of the car rentals have matured vehicles in good condition, however, since the vehicle is mature or senior there might be certain issues with the vehicle. If so there should be a person in contact and inquire about the issue.

The above tips may have given you some understanding of the car rental in Sri Lanka. If you are a person that wants to visit the beautiful island in the Indian ocean and need a car rental, do not hesitate to check out Scenic Venture for amazing prices and vehicles.